The families living the Family Surf Co. lifestyle

Feeling tempted to take off to far-flung shores to chase waves and beach life with your family? Meet a few other families who juggle busy lives and careers with plentiful trips to shores afar with their boards and babes in tow.

Becky Parry & family

Having grown up in Cornwall, Becky started surfing at 8 years-old, and although work and family has meant less time in the water, she is loving getting in the ocean with Pip and re-building her confidence in the waves. Married to surf-mad Stu, they had Pip in a wetsuit before she could walk, and have travelled to a growing list of surfing destinations around the globe including Indo, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Barbados and Dominican Republic.

Nadine Basieux & family

Nadine has travelled through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and South America, spent summers surfing on the Atlantic coast of France and to surf the remote waves on Easter Island. She recently went on a surf trip to Cornwall, surfing every day while her family made the most of the sandy beaches. She has also taken her son on a surfing trip to the Dominican Republic, where she enjoyed dawn surfs at Encuentro before eating breakfast with the family.

Angie, Pete and Marlon Abell

Angie and Pete have surfed since their late teens and were brought together through their love of surfing and the ocean during their university days. Now they call the beautiful North Coast of Cornwall home, where they both love to spend their spare time surfing. Angie is a keen longboarder, and Pete has owned the surf school on their local beach for 18 years. Their son Marlon is a bona-fide beach baby and it won’t be long until he’s joining them in the waves.


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