This is some of the stuff we love to take on our family surfing holidays. We do our best to inspire greener globetrotting, and try to look after our beautiful planet while we’re chasing waves and enjoying beach life.

Humble Hydrator

Insulated 750ml water bottle

Stay hydrated and keep your water cool in this stylish, stainless-steel vacuum flask that’s as big as a wine bottle. It’s also the perfect vessel for keeping your post-surf smoothie ice-cold, or your soup toasty warm.

Covert Caffeine Carrier

300ml spill-resistant drinks cup

Take a cool après surf cocktail to the beach, or enjoy a hot coffee while you watch the kids play in the waves.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Family 4 pack

Promote plastic-free travel when you swap your regular toothbrushes for these sleek, ergonomic brushes made from bamboo.

Bahasa of the Sea

Producing practical products that reduce your impact on the environment, Bahasa promises to donate 1% of its profits to charities helping to change our environment for the better.

Butta Eco-friendly Surf Wax

For ages we’ve been looking for eco-friendly surf wax that actually works. And finally we’ve found it. Butta goes on smoothly, sticks you to your board, comes wrapped in recycled biodegradable packaging, and is handmade to suit different water temperatures. Plus, Butta also donates a percentage of the profits to Surfers Against Sewage.

Married to the Sea

Our go-to local surf shop for clothing, beach accessories and boards.


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