So, you love surfing and you love beach holidays… but, with a family in tow, your holiday plans are a bit different from the days when you hit the road to far flung horizons with a board, a backpack and no fixed abode. You still dream of remote tropical islands with palm-fringed beaches and peeling waves, but now you need air-con comfort, family facilities and activities at your fingertips, and access to reliable medical care without having to flag down a boat to the mainland.

Although your idea of the perfect surfing holiday has changed, with a bit of planning – and some help from the experts at Family Surf Co. – there’s no reason why a family beach holiday can’t also be your dream surf trip. As families who love to surf and travel, we’ve made it our mission to find the best family surfing destinations around the world, with rolling beach breaks and sandy bays where the kids can play, as well as more challenging waves and reef breaks for surf-hungry parents. Then we’ve sought out stylish places to stay, where you can relax and enjoy all your creature comforts with direct access to the waves.

So, what are the most important factors when planning a Family Surf holiday? For starters you can burn your compendium to remote, world-class surf breaks. With kids in tow you want a direct flight and a no-nonsense transfer to a kid-friendly hotel where you can yo-yo between the waves and a swanky family suite. You want to surf check from your veranda (ideally over fresh coffee, tropical fruit and pancakes); or, at the very least you want to be able to play under the shade of a palm tree or paddle in a cobalt lagoon, just footsteps from where mum or dad is getting barrelled.

While we love getting under the skin of new countries and cultures, continually herding a pack of kids into a tuk-tuk or taxi and travelling around can be a tiring, so we like to ensure there are surf lessons, yoga sessions, good food and childcare on tap at your accommodation. When you do head out to explore we want you to make the most of your time together, so we pack you off with a regional surf spot guide and essential info about the best things to do in the area. By the time the sun goes down we want you to kickback with a beer or cocktail in hand beside the twinkling ocean, tuck the kids up in bed and chill out. Then, as the sun rises, you’re ready to sneak out for dawn surfs before that next family breakfast by the waves.

Surf. Eat. Play. Relax. Sleep. Repeat.

Sound like your kind of trip? Then come away with Family Surf Co.

Hayley & Celine


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