With a coral reef stretching around the island, there is always somewhere to surf in Barbados, no matter which direction the swell is travelling. The east coast is renowned for Soup Bowls (Kelly Slater’s favourite wave and one for experienced surfers), but the south and west are a dream destination for beginner and intermediate surfers, with a selection of fun waves with an idyllic backdrop. Family Surf Co. will set you up with a private surf guide and instructor to take you to the best waves for your ability. The best season for surf is October to March, when you’ll find clean waves on the west coast and bigger onshore waves on the east coast. June to October is classed as hurricane season and brings with it some hot, wet weather, but serious storms are rare and you can still get some classic surf on the southern tip. Water temp 25-28C year-round.

When you book a holiday with Family Surf Co. we’ll send you a personalised family surfing guide to Barbados.


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