Who? Angie, Pete and Marlon Abell
Home? Mawgan Porth, Cornwall
Occupations? Marine Scientist & Surf School Owner  
Favourite family surf destinations? Hossegor, France and Barbados

Angie and Pete have surfed since their late teens and were brought together through their love of surfing and the ocean during their university days. Now they call the beautiful North Coast of Cornwall home, where they both love to spend their spare time surfing. Angie is a keen longboarder, and Pete has owned the surf school on their local beach for 18 years. Their son Marlon is a bona-fide beach baby and it won’t be long until he’s joining them in the waves.

Why is surfing such an important part of family life?

We both love the ocean and are naturally drawn to it. We tend to plan our holidays around spending time enjoying the ocean and surfing. It is the most fantastic way to explore new countries and it opens a huge opportunity to network with other people and families.  

Where have you been on surfing holidays?
Surf trips pre-Marlon included Costa Rica, Brazil, Portugal, Barbados, Indonesia, South Africa, Morocco, Tenerife, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We’ve been on family surf holidays to Australia and France, so far.  

What are the most important elements of an amazing, and relaxing, family surf trip?
There are several things: great, family-friendly, un-crowded waves; accommodation that has separate bedrooms for the kids and adults; outdoor space to relax when baby is asleep; great culture and friendly locals. I also think if the sun shines the whole holiday, you’re onto a winner.

What is your favourite family surfing destination and what did you love about it?
We recently went to Hossegor as a family and had a brilliant time. It’s easy to get to, there is hardly any time difference, the temperature was just right for a small baby, and the surf was good for both long- and shortboarding. Plus we were able to start the day with a delicious pain au chocolate and finish the day with a large glass of vin rouge!

Any tips for first-time family surf travellers?
Consider how good the younger members of the family are at travelling. If you think that it would be to stressful to go long haul, maybe stick to a trip within Europe. Also, if you need your buggy, sling, travel cot and car seat… take it. Most airlines allow you to take all the essentials free of charge. And don’t worry about buying a special ‘travel buggy’ – just take your usual one as they really don’t mind the size.

What’s the most important item to pack for a successful family surf trip?
For an under 1 year-old, both the sling and buggy. Then they can then sleep when you’re on the move.

What sort of accommodation do you and your family look for on a surfing holiday – and why?
Now we have Marlon, I would always prefer to have a house, apartment or two-room suite, rather than a single hotel room – as I value my sleep and adult time away from the baby. I also think you run the risk of waking younger members of the family if you are all in the same room.  

Where are you going on your next family surf adventure?
Undecided. We’re just back from the snow but we’re always hatching the next plan. At the moment we’re both keen to explore more of Europe.

Why would you use Family Surf Co. to arrange your family surf holiday?
It’s great to remove any uncertainty about a location by having on-the-ground advice and guidance from experts. There would be nothing worse than turning up to a destination and it not being child/family friendly. Also, when you are both busy with work and family life, having someone to take the stress out of organising your holiday is an added luxury.


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