Becky Parry & Family

Who? Becky Parry
Home: North Cornish coast
Occupation: Head of Projects for The Wave Project – a surf therapy charity
Surfing family: Stuart surfs every day there is a wave and runs his own outdoor adventure company; Becky prefers mellow waves and warmer days; Pip is just starting her surfing journey and proving to be a water baby.
Favourite family surf destinations? Cornwall and the Canary Islands.

Having grown up in Cornwall, Becky started surfing at 8 years-old, and although work and family has meant less time in the water, she is loving getting in the ocean with Pip and re-building her confidence in the waves. Married to surf-mad Stu, they had Pip in a wetsuit before she could walk, and have travelled to a growing list of surfing destinations around the globe including Indo, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Barbados and Dominican Republic.

Why is surfing such an important part of family life?
With us both working in the industry we understand and regularly feel the benefits of surfing and enjoying beach life. It brings us together as a family away from work, school and social media; plus it’s free and fun. It’s important to appreciate the outdoors in all different weather conditions, and you always feel better after a dip in the sea or time at the beach. Surfing also teaches you resilience – all that falling off and getting back up again can be transferred to other areas of your life.”

What is important to create an amazing, and relaxing, family surf trip for you?
Having the right accommodation and knowing a little bit about your destination before you go, either via recommendations from friends or companies like Family Surf Co. Also, we love the sense of adventure, going somewhere new as a family and making memories of a lifetime together.

What is your favourite family surfing destination and what did you love about it?
So far it has to be Cornwall and the Canary Islands, as they are affordable, easy to reach and not too hot for little ones. We are very lucky to live in such a beautiful county so have the convenience of not having to travel too far to enjoy family holidays and camping surf trips locally.

Any tips for first time family surf travellers?
Make things as easy as possible for yourself, as travelling with children is tiring! And before you go make a list of everything you need to take and tick things off as you go. I find this really helps to pack and prepare.

So, what’s the most important item to pack for a successful family surf trip?
If you are travelling with young children pack snacks for the flight and delays and a few familiar items from home to comfort them. Night lights and a travel blackout blind will help enormously with jet lag and broken sleep – you don’t want to be woken up at 5am every morning on holiday, unless you’re geared up for a dawn surf.

What sort of accommodation do you and your family look for on a surfing holiday – and why?
We like to have the option of self-catering so we can buy and prepare our own food whenever we want to, without being tied to eating in a hotel every night. Also you usually get more living space in self-catering accommodation and often a second room so you don’t have to share one bedroom with your child.

Where are you going on your next family surf adventure – and why?
Hawaii! We’ve never been before and being the home of surfing it’s been on our bucket list forever.

Why would you use a company like Family Surf Co. to arrange your family surf holiday?
To know the place you are booking has already been road-tested before you go with children. As a mum there’s so many little things you look for in a place you are visiting, so knowing these things before you go is super helpful.


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