Nadine Basieux & Family

Who? Nadine Basieux
Home: Switzerland
Occupation: Physiotherapist
Surfing family: Husband, 4 year-old son and baby daughter
Favourite family surf destinations? Costa Rica and Cornwall

Nadine has travelled through New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and South America, spent summers surfing on the Atlantic coast of France and to surf the remote waves on Easter Island. She recently went on a surf trip to Cornwall, surfing every day while her family made the most of the sandy beaches. She has also taken her son on a surfing trip to the Dominican Republic, where she enjoyed dawn surfs at Encuentro before eating breakfast with the family.

Why is surfing such an important part of family life?
Surfing is a huge part of my life. Before family, life was about working to buy plane tickets for surf trips. Now my life is all about saving up for surf holidays with my family.

Why would you use Family Surf Co.?
When I travelled pre-kids I could survive on a bag of rice and find rooms near the surf breaks I discovered along the way. Having kids has totally changed the way I travel. Now I need to know where to go and what to expect when I get there, so Family Surf Co is a lifesaver. It‘s not easy to find a place where the whole family are happy and looked after, and where it isn‘t too much effort to go surfing as well as enjoy quality family time.

Your surfing background?
As a teenager I fell in love with the surfing life – camping, travelling, playing guitar on the beach and meeting other like-minded souls sharing the same passion. I’ve always wanted to be close to the water and to have a less materialistic lifestyle with surfing at its core.

What is important to create an amazing, and relaxing, family surf trip for you?
The accommodation should be as close to the beach as possible, with surfing spots where the kids can play in the waves, but also breaks to challenge and progress my own surfing. The area should be safe and it’s ideal to have other families around so that the kids can play together. Ideally there should be a swimming pool and some decent places to eat out, have a drink and be entertained with live music.

How would you rate Cornwall as a family surf destination?
Cornwall is a great place to surf and there’s plenty to do with the family – from parks and playgrounds to kid-friendly spas and other attractions. Family Surf Co founder Celine, made sure I surfed all the right breaks at the right times for the conditions and tides, and made sure the kids were well looked after so I didn’t have to worry. 

Any tips for first time family surf travellers?

When you’ve got young kids don‘t expect everyone to be happy and everything to be perfect when you go out for a surf session – just go! When you are happy your family will be too.

Where are you going on your next family surf adventure?
Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands.


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